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Phoenix, Arizona


Description: Y.M.C.A.
Other Names:
Address: Monroe Street and Second Avenue, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
Type: fraternal: Y.M.C.A.
Original Client: Secretary C.G. Titus; local J.W. Dorris
Date: 1907, 1909-1911
Condition: demolished 1961

Architect or Firm: Henry C. Trost; Trost & Creighton
Associated Architect or Firm: Trost & Trost and James Miller Creighton (sometimes referred to as Trost & Creighton)
Contractors: J.W. Dorris
Dimensions and Orientation: faced south; 50 feet tall; south (main block: 120 feet wide, 56 feet deep; north wing, housed gymnasium and swimming pool, 47 feet in east west dimension. Three-story structure. The lower story being one third basement. Moorish type
Budget/Cost: $60,000

Foundation: probably concrete
Wall Materials: plastered
Roofing Materials: tile
Other Materials Used:
Remodeling and Additions:

Location of Drawings:
Location of Documentary Photographs: El Paso Public Library: Ponsford 309, 310, photographs of exterior; Phoenix Public Library, Arizona Room

Bibliography: (1) Lloyd C. Engelbrecht, Henry Trost: the Prairie School in the Southwest, The Prairie School Review, volume VI, number 4 (Fourth Quarter, 1969), page 15 and inside front cover (drawing of details, photograph of exterior of completed building, comparison with El Paso Y.M.C. A. building
(2) Plans are submitted for the Proposed New Y.M.C.A. Building, The Arizona Republican, September 17, 1907, page 5 (Trost & Trost identified as architects; budget given; description of building and its facilities; rendering of facade, signed Trost & Trost, is illustrated; members of building committee named)
(3) Building Inspector Starts Something, The Arizona Republican,September 28, 1907, page 12 (mention of J.M. Creighton as the city building inspector for Phoenix)
(4) Notice to Contractors, The Arizona Republican, October 31, 1907, page 4 (call for bids, with note that: Plans are on file in the office of Trost & Creighton, room-412, Fleming Block, Phoenix.)
(5) The American Architect and Building News, Industrial and Building News Section, volume XCII, number 1645, July 6, 1907, page 3; volume XCII, number 1660, October 19, 1907, page 89 (Trost & Trost named as architects, budget given); and volume XCII, number [?], [exact date undetermined, ca. November, 1907], page 121
(6) Arizona Good Roads Association, Prescott, Illustrated Road Maps and Tour Book (originally published 1913; reprinted: Phoenix: Arizona Highways Magazine, 1987), page 49 (exterior photograph)
(7) Western Architect, volume XIV, number 3 (September, 1909), unnumbered plate (illustration of two drawings dated October, 1907, and a watercolor)
(8) Western Architect, volume XIX, number 3 (September, 1913), unnumbered Plate (exterior photograph)
(9) Western Architect, volume XXXI, number 6 (June, 1922), plate 3 (exterior photograph)
(10) Arizona Republic, May 30, 1910 ‘Stucco Decoration Completed’
(11) Bisbee Daily Review, September 19, 1908 Page 8 Has Plans for Y.M.C.A. at Phoenix
(12) The Los Angeles Time September 24, 1907 page 22
(13) The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona) November 11, 1907 page 8 “Notice to Contractors’

Remarks: Date of demolition supplied by: John L. Jacquemart, 910 West Butler, Phoenix, Arizona 85021 [letter, John L. Jacquemart to Lloyd and June Engelbrecht, May 31, 1987]The stucco work upon the Y.M.C.A. building has recently been completed under the direction of Gustav Zierold, a sculptor and designer of interior decorations, from El Paso. In drawing the plans attention has been given the climatic conditions in Phoenix, especially during the summer season. A plunge 20 by 40 or 50 feet is specified. The architect somewhat resembles Mission Style.

Prepared for the El Paso Public Library by Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1990.