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Shine Residence
Bisbee, Arizona


Description: Shine residence
Other Names:
Address: Bisbee (Warren), Cochise County, Arizona (next to Walter Douglas residence)
Type: domestic: single family home
Original Client: Dr. Francis Eppes Shine and Anne (i.e. Barker) Shine
Historic Inventory:
Date:  August 1908
Condition: extant

Architect or Firm: Henry C. Trost
Associated Architect or Firm: Trost & Trost
Contractors: Tadlock Brothers
Dimensions and Orientation:
Budget/Cost: $8,000

Wall Materials:
Roofing Materials:
Other Materials Used:
Remodeling and Additions:

Present Owner: privately owners
Location of Drawings:
Location of Documentary Photographs:

Bibliography: (1) Margaret L. Borowiec, Bisbee’s Pioneer Homes (Bisbee: 1976), page 39, illustrates a 1908 house for the chief surgeon of the Copper Queen Hospital, a post held by Dr. Shine. However, the house does not appear to be by Trost, so the house in the Trost & Trost notebook (see Remarks, below) for Dr. Shine evidently refers to another house than illustrated by Borowiec.
(2) Bisbee Daily Review, June 16, 1908 Page 3
(3) El Paso Herald, April 2, 1907 page 6 mentions plans for Dr. Shine residence

Remarks: Dr. Shine, Warren, Arizonia is listed as a residential client in an undated Trost & Trost notebook now in the collection of Trost Family. In the 1908 Bisbee Daily Review it states the the Tadlock Brothers received the contact for the building of the residence. It also states that the residence will be in the lot next to the Walter Douglas house.

Prepared for the El Paso Public Library by Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1990.