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San Angelo City Hall and Auditorium
San Angelo, Texas


Description: San Angelo City Hall and Auditorium
Other Names: none
Address: City Hall Plaza, San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas
Type: government: city hall and auditorium
Original Client: City of San Angelo, Texas
Historic Inventory: Texas Historical Commission Site SA0299
Date: opened February 8, 1929; grand reopening October 22, 1982
Condition: extant; restored 1982

Architect or Firm: Gustavus A. Trost
Associated Architect or Firm: Trost & Trost (Gustavus A. Trost,Partner in charge, according to San Angelo Morning Times, February 7, 1929, page 5, column 2); Eugene V. Spence, supervising engineer
Contractors: Ware Company, Contractors
Dimensions and Orientation: faces South; highest portion is four stories plus central pyramid attic; College Avenue (principal) facade: 140 feet wide; West First Street (rear) façade: 84 feet wide; length, exclusive of exterior entrance stairway: 208 feet; height: 68 feet, as measured from ground to rectangular drum at base of pyramid attic, or from ground to top of stage house
Budget/Cost: $335,000; $234,000 April 6, 1928

Foundation: concrete and steel
Wall Materials: Bedford limestone from Indiana, reinforced concrete; tile curtain walls, brick veneer
Roofing Materials: shingle tile roof over central pyramid
Other Materials Used: interior of auditorium is Celotex tile. Stenciled in a polychrome pattern
Remodeling and Additions: restored by Ron Barbutti, architect with offices in San Angelo and Hondo, Texas, at a cost of $950,000; re-opened October 22, 1982 (Inez Russell, Auditorium to Have Grand Re-opening, San Angelo Standard Times, October 5, 1982, page 7 B)

Present Owner: City of San Angelo, Texas
Location of Drawings: El Paso Public Library: (G-5) 31 ink on linen sheets, numbered 1 through 31, and one sheet tissue, Commission no. 2740, dated March, 1928
Location of Documentary Photographs: El Paso Public Library: Ponsford 210, postcard of facade; office of Ron Barbutti, architect, 2306 West Beauregard Avenue, San Angelo: photographs by D. M. Barnhart documenting restoration of 1982

Bibliography: (1) New Seat of City Authority, San Angelo Evening Standard, February 7, 1929, page 14
(2) Stage Scenery at Auditorium Shows Variety, San Angelo Morning Times, February 7, 1929
(3) City’s Pride in Hall Marks Night Program, San Angelo Evening Standard, February 8, 1929, pages [1] and 3
(4) No Seats Left for City Hall Program Here, San Angelo Morning Times, February 8, 1929, page [1]
(5) New $300,000 City Hall Is Dedicated, San Angelo Morning Times, February 9, 1929, page 1]
(6) E. V. Spence, Leaving Public Office, Sees a Better City, San Angelo Morning Times, February 28, 1929, page 14
(7) El Paso Herald, April 6, 1928 page 5 state Gus return from San Angelo and stated the contract for the building.

Remarks: (1) Bronze plaque in lobby includes wording: Trost & Trost, Architects & Engineers/Ware Company, Contractors.
(2) The siting takes advantage of the approach to the building from the south, on Irving Street, at a slightly acute angle to the principal (College Avenue) facade, to emphasize the depth of the main block of the building.
(3) The outstanding feature of this building is the stunning stenciled interior of the auditorium.
(4) Commission no. 2740
(5) Opening ceremonies took place over a period of two days (February 8 and 9, 1929). The Texas A&M Band was featured both days.
(6) When the building was opened, the third and fourth floors were unfinished. The fourth floor was intended to be a jail. The third and fourth floors were opened for office space in 1957. The elevator was installed in 1955.
(7) In 1980s plans were in place for a complete restoration of the property. The architectural form in charge of the restoration was Killis Almond Architects and contractor Stoddard Construction.
(8) In the 1970s, there was political pressure to demolish the building and replace it with new building however the City restored the present building.

Prepared for the El Paso Public Library by Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1990