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Leavell Building
El Paso, Texas


Description: Leavell Building
Other Names:
Address: northwest corner, East San Antonio Avenue and North Campbell Street, El Paso, El Paso County, Texas
Type: commercial: retail and mixed use (lodging or offices)
Original Client: Charles Leavell
Date: 1907
Condition: demolished prior to 1936

Architect or Firm: Henry C. Trost
Associated Architect or Firm: Trost & Trost
Dimensions and Orientation: three storeys and entire  basement; extended 100 feet on North Campbell Street
Budget/Cost: $22,000

Wall Materials: brick
Roofing Materials: flat
Other Materials Used: floor were deadened and the building soundproof
Remodeling and Additions:

Location of Drawings: none known to exist
Location of Documentary Photographs: El Paso Public Library: 408, east side of the building, as part of a city view; Aultman A5511, west side of building, seen over the Airdrome open air theatre; Aultman A5615, detail of south end of building visible in photograph of Court House, ca. 1917; two of the “Golden Jubilee” photographs, made May 16, 1923, include aerial views of El Paso, with the east and west sides of the Leavell Building visible (given to the El Paso Public Library along with a letter describing the gift, Walter Bender to Maud Sullivan, May 29, 1923)

Bibliography: (1) “Activity in Realty on San Antonio Street,” El Paso Herald, May 30, 1906, page 14 (mentioned, client’s name and building’s location slightly garbled)
(2) “A Three story Block for San Antonio Street,” El Paso Herald, May 30, 1906, page 15 (description, architects named, client’s name and building’s location slightly garbled)
(3) “Work Starts on Leavell Building,” El Paso Herald, July 25, 1906, Page 3 (described, architects named, budget given, report that the building will be completed October 1)
(4) El Paso Herald August 4, 1906 page 4 Leavell Building artist sketch of building shown


Charles Leavell arrived in El Paso in 1902 from Jewett, Texas. Upon his arrival Leavell purchased a cattle ranch and ran it until 1907. Leavell then turned his interest to real estate.

In 1906, Leavell hired the firm of Trost & Trost to design a building. The building was to have a basement under the entire structure and an additional three stories. There was four stores located on the first floor. The building was wired for electric lights and piped for gas. All the floors were deadened and the building was sound proof. The building was heated with hot water. The total cost of the building $22,000. Work began on the building in July of 1906. The plan was to have it completed by October of that year.

The building was later demolished.

Mr. Leavell is also responsible for the developing of Manhattan Heights and building the first home – 3037 Federal Ave.

Prepared for the El Paso Public Library by Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1990