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J.P White Building
Roswell, New Mexico


Description: J. P. White Building
Other Names: Allison Building (until about 1930) original construct for Rev. S.E. Allison (1911)
Address: 105 W. 3rd Street, Main and Third Street, Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico
Type: commercial
Original Client: J. P. White
Historic Inventory:
Date:  1912; 1928 remodeling
Condition: extant; in use as office and retail building

Architect or Firm: Henry C. Trost
Associated Architect or Firm: Trost & Trost
Contractors: W.E. Mix Superintendent of Construction (1911) Ramey Brothers (1928)
Dimensions and Orientation: rectangular, 4 floors and roof garden, 198 feet across x 50 feet deep; faces south
Budget/Cost: $65,000

Foundation: probably concrete
Wall Materials: concrete
Roofing Materials: composition
Other Materials Used: marble facing on store fronts; Luxfer prism windows above; 1/1 double hung windows
Remodeling and Additions: 1928 remodeling plans by Trost & Trost; exterior clad in recent years

Present Owner:
Location of Drawings: El Paso Public Library: (G-8) plans for remodeling, 18 numbered Ink on linen sheets, including two versions of sheet 1 (fourth floor framing plan), sheets 4 and 4A, 6 and 6A, and including front, side and rear elevations, original date not given, revision dates of March 28, 1928, April 23, 1928, and July 25, 1928
Location of Documentary Photographs: The Masonic Temple, 2803 West Fourth Street, Roswell, New Mexico; Chaves County Historical Society

Bibliography: (1)Worley’s Directory of El Paso, Texas, 1912 (Dallas: John F. Worley Directory Co., 1912) advertisement on page 498. Trost & Trost ad states that they are the builders of this among others. El Paso Herald March 13, 1911 ‘To Go Yo Roswell’
(2) El Paso Herald, April 6, 1928, page 6 gives cost of building
(3) El Paso Herald, August 7, 1928 page 1 two stories added at cost of about $100,000
(4) El Paso Herald, December 9, 1911 Speaks of tenants moving into the Allison Apartments
(5) El Paso Evening Post, April 6, 1928 page 15 two story addition cost $65,000. Bids are being received
(6) El Paso Herald August 27, 1910 speaks of the 4 story building in Roswell, New Mexico

Remarks: Commission 2743 (remodeling). The 1912 was done by Trost and Trost. The plans for the original building location not known. Sheet No. 15, cited above, is lettered This shows Bldg as it is now… .The building went up in three stages (see illustrations). Nothing of the Trost touch remains today except the terra cotta tile floor in the lobby, the green and white marble dado on the stairs and the white marble risers.

Prepared for the El Paso Public Library by Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1990